Welcome to Arukah Bible Academy

Arukah is a Hebrew word meaning: health, made up, perfected, restoring to soundness, wholeness this refers to all aspects of our health: Mental, Spiritual, and Physical. God is ultimately performing the restoration.


To serve the body of Christ, to equip God's people for the work of the ministry, to unite in faith, to grow in quality, quantity, stability and integrity so that the whole body is healthy, growing and full of love. Our desire is to saturate our societies with the presence of God and the principles of His Kingdom.


To develop, enhance, facilitate and assess up-to-date training programmes and experiential learning processes, which will provide beneficial knowledge and qualifications to the learner and in turn enhance the skills and resources of the recipient Organisation.


Arukah Bible Academy not only facilitates a Bible Study program but also a Precision Skills Development program. Our Ministry program provides growing Christians with an opportunity for in-depth Bible-based study and the PSD program with skills development, thus providing the student with tools to reach their full potential.